Exams are over… kinda

The written exams are finally over for me and now I can start writing on my blog again, yay!... *sigh* Well I still have my group projects that I need to finish but at least I have more time to write! Right? Well anyways even though I was in my examination weeks I still watched … Continue reading Exams are over… kinda


Ani-List: 5 Action/Supernatural Anime That You Should Watch!

As we all may know, there are a variety of anime that exist today and is still increasing season by season. Those anime are then categorised into genres, to separate the content of one anime from another. This will be the first post (formally) where I give my top 5 (not in any order) anime … Continue reading Ani-List: 5 Action/Supernatural Anime That You Should Watch!

Anime Review: Qualidea Code

Qualidea code is this Summer's generic action, supernatural, apocalaptic... (the list goes on. Just from the summary on MyAnimeList alone was enough to make me distance myself from this atrocity (maybe I'm a bit over exaggerating). The anime was written and scripted by three people;¬†Sagara Sou (HenNeko), Koushi Tachibana (Date A Live) and Wataru Watari … Continue reading Anime Review: Qualidea Code